Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ear Infection, teething, and length oh' no

So we just got back from Raygen's one year wellness check and I'm so glad we went.  Raygen has been teething for the last couple weeks she got a back moral coming through and one of her top teeth so I felt that maybe this was the reason she was kinda crabby plus I know more teeth are coming soon because her gums are red and swollen.  So when Dr. Polley said she had an ear infection I wasn't completely surprised because she did see fluid last appointment but then anything with the word "infection" scares me with Raygen.  So I guess Raygen has more then teeth to explain why she is crabby Cathy.  I know that overall she is still a "normal" baby and "normal" things will happen but it still catches me off guard when it does.  So we just gave her medicine and hopefully our little girl will start to feel better in the next couple days.  Also on the length thing.  She has been the same length for the last 3 doctor appointments so they are concerned she stopped growing but when they rechecked they thought she grew about a quarter of an inch since last time.  Dr. Polley was going to talk to Dr. Park (cardio) and get back to us.  I really hope that everything will even out in time.  Her weight is good and so is her head measurement so I hope she will get a growth spurt soon and we won't have to do any unnecessary test.