Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

 Today I think Raygen finally started to feel better.
 She fell asleep playing all on her own.
I don't think I can get enough pictures of her sleeping.  She is so cute but I am her mom so I am a little bias :)
I can't believe Easter is this Sunday.  Last Easter we were all in Seattle at the hospital so the Easter bunny had to come to the Ronald McDonald house and Children's.  This year will be an extra special Easter because instead of being at the hospital we will be at the BEACH!!!  I'm so excited and so nervous.  It will be our first time on a trip as a family of 4.  So I hope all goes well.  I will take lots of pictures to post when we get home.  I'm so excited to let Zoie have a mini vacation, I think out of all of us she deserves to have a really "fun" Easter.
Thank you Sarah, I love the blog!  Too cute!