Friday, March 16, 2012

To Bumbo or Not to Bumbo??

Raygen as you know loves loves her swing. But her Bumbo chair.....
she is not too sure about.

She isn't screaming any more when we put her in it so...

I would think that is a step in the right direction.

Not much to report from the feeding team. They pretty much just looked at her and we talked. We are going to start OT every other week and go from their. They increased her volume and decreased her calories. She is over 22lbs :) I'm so proud of her. We are starting to do taste more at home but very very small ones. Were starting with juices and some baby food. Were having better luck with things that are not too sweet. I can not believe next week is Raygen's birthday. Part of me is supper excited and part of me is crying inside of how fast, long, hard, scary, exciting, and the most wonderful year of our lives is coming to an end. I can't wait for the adventurers were going to share with Raygen this year.