Sunday, February 26, 2012

Great Grandparents

I loved this shirt. Had to buy it the minute I saw it. She's in 18months clothes already :)
I love all the pictures I have of the girls looking at each other.
First picture with Great Grandpa Buck.

First picture with Great Grandma Bev.

Great Grandparents house this weekend was the first house Raygen has been to. Besides home and the office of course. It was her first official "visit." I'm glad we went. Raygen wasn't sure about being there but she did play a little and let both her great grandparents hold her for a few minutes. She did take a little nap. I think over all the visit went great. I love having pictures of my girls with their great grandparents. Not too many kids get the chance to meet theirs. I think I will try to visit at least once a month if we can. It's totally worth it.