Wednesday, February 22, 2012

11 Months Old

February 23rd Raygen you will be 11 months old. Wow! How time has flew! You are so wonderful. You bring so much joy and happiness to this family. Our family is complete. You are talking so much. Yes, I'm still waiting for you to say "mommy" but you make so much noise and your laughter feels our house with joy. You are wiggling and moving around like crazy. You love to watch your shows and roll to your sides. You are becoming a good traveler. You go to work everyday and I think you enjoy the car rides now that you can look outside. You sleep all through the night for the most part. I still have to get up every two hours to fill your feeding pump but that's okay. We are increasing your feeds so you are getting more time off, still weaning off meds, and working hard with OT and PT. I know pretty soon you will discover food taste good and love to eat, knock on wood. Next month you will be ONE!! and we have a wonderful party planned for you. I thank god everyday for you. I am so thankful that your part of our family. God is so good, all the time. Thank you Raygen for being so wonderful. We love you sooooo much!

Love Mommy