Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rolling Over...ALMOST!

So today was a pretty exciting day. We had a doctor appointment. Just a check up, but I'm so glad we went. Raygen had to get her second flu shot which I hate but I know it's well worth the poke to protect her. The doctor thought she sounded a little congested and thought she may have a little bug. Raygen was also showing a little fluid in her ear. The doctor said not to worry too much right now she won't treat her yet but to watch her very closely. I'm soooo stressed I pray sooooo hard that Raygen does not catch ANYTHING. The last time she had a cold we spend 3 days at Children's. I am so nervous. Please say a prayer for her. On another note she almost rolled over today and I have a video, kinda, that proves it. So exciting!

Also if you have time please listen to 106.1 tomorrow and join the Kiss for the Kid's club to help Seattle Children's. I joined before I even knew I was pregnant with Raygen and I'm still a member today. It's $20.00 a month and goes to a great cause. Just like me you never know if someday you will be taking your child to Children's.