Wednesday, February 1, 2012

GI Appt and Dad's Work

So we had another GREAT DAY!! It's been so nice being able to go out with Raygen. We have been going to work and it has been so wonderful. Today we had our GI appointment, went to toys r us, and stopped by Randy's work for the first time. As you can see from the pictures Raygen enjoyed herself. No real medical news to report from GI doc. They decreased her calories (she's a little on the chunky side) and we are going to start increasing her volume per hour through her g-tube to hopefully work toward having some time off the pump. We are also adding a little protein and vitamin d to her diet. They want us to start dipping her pacifiers in juices and let Raygen get the taste of things but to still hold off on baby food. We will go again to the GI doc on the 22nd and we will also see a speech therapist, OT, and PT that day too. It will be a long appointment but at least it's therapy and not a bunch of pokes and x-rays and more test. Raygen will also start having OT once a week starting Monday at home so that will be nice. I am also thinking that next week I will try to drive myself to work which will be really scary. Raygen has never been alone in the back seat before so it will be a big adventure for us, but I feel she will do just fine. Plus it will be nice to have some independence again and not depend on people driving me around so I can sit with her. So much is happening it's such a huge blessing. I finally feel like the dark clouds are lifting. It's such an exciting and scary time and we are all living in the moment. God is so good.