Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy 10 Month Birthday!!!

Wild Hair Day!
Wild, Crazy Hair Day!!

"Whatever Mom!"

Play Time.

Can you see my teeth?

Happy 10th Month Birthday Raygen!!! Wow what you have been through is amazing. Two open heart surgeries, trake, trake taken out, g tube, caths, echo's, ekg, x-rays, iv's, pic lines, central lines, and the list could go on forever. You are so wonderful. You are such a good and happy baby for what you have been through. You have started laughing and making baby noises. You have 2 teeth. You are playing with toys and rolling on your sides. You love tv especially Sesame Street and Toy Story. You hate baths but don't mind sponge baths. You love to chew on things and were starting to give you a little baby food which you don't really like yet. You have started to like your pacifier which is exciting. You are truly our miracle baby and we love you beyond words. You melt my heart. You are my strength and you give me courage. You are truly a blessing from God and I'm lucky to be your mom.

So tomorrow is Raygen's big lung test. I'm soooo not looking forward to this appointment. I just hope everything goes smoothly. I hope they are able to get an iv and the blood work in the least amount of pokes as possible. My motto is "3 pokes and your done." So if they don't get it within 3 pokes we will be coming home. I feel anything after 3 is just mean. We will see Dr. Park (cardio) after the lung test. We check in for the test at 10am so I think it's going to be a long stressful day. Hopefully this will be the last test for awhile. We did increase her feed this weekend and we have been weaning off of meds so overall we had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Just the thing you need before a long stressful week.

Please say a prayer tomorrow for Raygen.