Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lung Test and Cardio Update

Two tries for the iv in the arm and hand lead to...
an iv in the head. I hate iv in the head. I think I cried as much as Raygen.

Home after test.

Ready for some much needed Sesame Street.

So overall yesterday tests were not too bad. Besides having to have the iv in her head everything else seemed to go pretty smoothly. They were able to do Raygen's labs with her iv so she didn't have to be poked for that which was such a relief. She was pretty groggy yesterday for a long time due to having to be sedated. The lung test was about 20 minutes long where they injected contracts through Raygen's iv and then took pictures of her lungs while she was sleeping. The results were what we expected. Her right lung is getting 60% of the blood flow and her left 40% (you and I are 50 50.) This is not a good or bad thing. These are our base numbers and will have the test repeated in 6 months to help us determine when Raygen may need to go to the Cath lab to have her stent opened more.

We then went and saw Dr. Park and had an echo. Her blood work and everything came back great. She is gaining weight and length which is exciting. Her echo looked wonderful. We don't have to see him again till March so so exciting. Dr Park said now we can start taking her off the monitor more and try to start to treat her like a "normal" baby. We will start with OT and PT to try to help Raygen get caught up but other then that we get a break and just get to "be" for awhile. Dr. Park did remind us that most heart babies are behind in developing and he thought Raygen was probably around 4 months but by the time she is 2 she will be with her age group again.

So Friday we have the synagis shot and OT appointment.