Friday, January 27, 2012

Shot and Cabelas

1st stroller ride outside a hospital to a STORE :)
We thought we would start with Cabelas. She checked out the fish.

And we checked out the animals.

Then we were ready for home. Raygen did AWESOME on her first outing!!!

Today was such a good day. Raygen had her rsv shot and an ot appointment which both went great. She only had to be poked one time and now we get a whole month off. WooHoo!!! I'm so happy she gets a break from doctors and shots and just being messed with. We decided to celebrate and take Raygen to her first store and what better store then Cabelas. As you can see she did wonderful! She just looked around and held on tightly to me, lol! She did get really excited that we were getting excited and it was so cute she got the biggest smile and her arms were movin like crazy. She is so dang cute. I was so nervous to take her out in public but our first venture went so well. I know we got a lot of looks packing around her feeding pump but I'm so proud of her people can look all they want. Plus she's so cute you can't help but look.