Thursday, December 8, 2011

Surgery too soon...

I can't believe surgery is on Monday. This week has gone by too fast for me. We go to the hospital tomorrow for pre-op. Our first appointment is at 11 with the Nurse Practitioner and then blood work (I pray a one poke blood draw), x ray, possible echo and then we meet with the Anesthesiologist.

Raygen has had a good week. She is such a happy baby. I think the only time she cried was when she woke up from her nap or in the morning before she wanted to and when she has her gas issues of course, lol! My poor baby. She gets the worst tummy aches.

So I will try to post again before Monday but if I don't I just wanted to ask everyone to pray for Raygen:

-Please pray that Raygen feels the least amount of pain and discomfort.

-That the doctors are able to gain iv access without too many pokes.

-That Raygen's heart surgery goes smoothly with no complications.

-Pray that Dr Cohen is rested and that God works through him during the surgery to repair Raygen's heart.

-The Nurses know what to do when Raygen comes out of surgery.

-Raygen gets the pain medicine she needs soon.

-Raygen is able to come off the vent quickly and that there is no damage to her vocal cords or her airway.

-No trake, again.

-Pray that Randy and I stay strong and level headed and make the best decisions for our baby.

-Zoie will be okay. It will be hard for her to be apart this time. That she does not get another cold that keeps us apart longer then needed.

-That Raygen is okay. No matter what I just want her to be okay.

There are probably so many more and I know I will think of a hundred after I post this but I know you all understand. I can't be more afraid then I am at this moment. I have such a wonderful family and I see such a wonderful future for us. Raygen has grown in these 3 weeks more then I could have dreamed. She has gotten bigger, stronger, found her voice, her cry, and her laugh. Her smiles melt my heart and soul. I love my children more then life itself and if I could go through this for Raygen I would and I wouldn't think twice. The hardest part is knowing I can't do it for her. I trust that God is with us and that he has touched Raygen. I know their is no way we could be here today if he hasn't and I pray with all my heart he will again deliver us a miracle on Monday and that Raygen will be okay.

Raygen Marie, you are the light of my life. You are the missing piece that makes our family complete and each day my love for you grows stronger. Like I tell your sister "I love you more then anyone in this world ever will and I love you no matter what. Why? because I'm your mom." Raygen you have stolen our hearts and I thank God for every day I am blessed to be your mom. I must have done something right in my life to get you and Zoie.

I cant put into words how my emotions are going crazy right now. I need to pack and prepare but yet I just can't seem to get motivated to do so. I keep telling myself I have this weekend. So I guess I better go pack.

My friend Sarah will update the blog on Monday so to stay up to date on everything please check here and my dad will also be at the hospital so you can call him or text and he'll try to respond. Thanks in advance Sarah. You are such a good friend.

Raygen we love you soooo much and I know you are such a fighter. You have courage beyond your age. You are a survivor and a warrior.

Thank you for all your love, prayers, and support.