Saturday, December 10, 2011

Post Op Udate

So yesterday was a very long day, 10 hours in fact. We left our house at 8am and didn't get home till after 6. Overall Raygen did great. The nurse gave her a look over, a chest x ray, ekg, and blood work (which was a 2 poke) and then we spoke with the anesthesiologist and then home we came. No new information. I think they all just wanted to lay eyes on Raygen to make sure she was good to go for surgery. Which she is, thank God. So the plan is to have a nice enjoyable weekend at home as a family. We will leave our house Monday morning around 4am. We check into the hospital at 6:45 with a 8am start time for her surgery. I'm not sure exactly how long the surgery is I assuming a few hours. The plan is to get her off the vent as soon as they can after surgery, possibly while she is still in the o.r. to avoid any damage to her vocal cords. I'm starting to freak out. Looking at her today she is so perfect and happy and to me healthy. I don't want to see her go through what she is about to. I don't want to see her in pain. My nerves are on overdrive and my emotions are everywhere. I have had a glimpse of what our future holds these past 3 weeks with no trake and it looks wonderful. I just want to do everything with Raygen. I want to have girl trips with Zoie and Raygen and take them to the zoo and shopping. I can't wait to take family vacations and show Raygen the ocean. I would love for us all to be home to celebrate her first Christmas together. So much that "I want" I feel selfish. Most of all I want Raygen. Please keep her in your prayers next week. Your prayers and love have kept us going and have helped us through so many tough times. God is good and I trust in his love for our family and most of all Raygen. He has touched her so many times and I pray he touches her again and delivers her safely through surgery. God is good. Please remember my friend Sarah will udpate the blog on Monday so check here to follow Raygen's progress.