Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The countdown begins AGAIN....

Zoie this weekend at a birthday party at the Hands on Children Museum
Gotta love this girl and her new pj's

She loves her Sesame Street.


And more playin.

So the countdown has began again. We have started to do a bath every night, we stopped some meds, and started a new one all in preparation for surgery on Monday. I am trying not to let my nerves and frustration get the better of me this week but I think they might. We go to pre-op on Friday and then check in early Monday morning for surgery. To say I'm scared would be a understatement. I have prepared myself so many times for this surgery that now I'm not sure what to do with myself. I don't think there is anyway that it can be postponed again but I think I have said that before. I just want to bring this beautiful baby home with me. I don't want to think anymore about home nursing, surgeries, pre-op's, ordering supplies, etc. I want to start to focus on family trips, going back to work, showing my beautiful baby off and starting to have fun with my family. I know were not done with surgeries but I hope we get a few years off from the hospital. Raygen deserves it. Zoie deserves it.

Okay so everyone wants to know how Raygen is doin. She is doing good. We have started to hear her laugh and its so wonderful. She is starting to make little baby noises and man can she cry, loud! She is so playful with her toys and does wonderful when I pack her throughout the house to get some cleaning done. She hasn't been sleeping well that last few nights because of gas issues so I hope that will get better tonight. Just please keep her in your prayers that she continues to grow and stay healthy till Monday.

I know God loves Raygen more then I do (which seems impossible) and I know he will protect her and keep her safe and I just keep reminding myself of that to help me get through the upcoming days.