Monday, December 19, 2011

Floor Day 1

So this morning her x ray still showed a little fluid on her lungs so they are still giving her lasix 3 times a day to help pee it off. This may be part of the reason her o2 is still on the low side. The blood pressure medicine seems to be working and we will probably go home on it which the doctors assure me isn't uncommon and actually has some benefits for long term heart health so I'm not freaking out yet. She did have some blood work done this morning and we were able to stop one med but unfortunately she will need to have another blood draw tomorrow morning to make sure everything still looks good and then we could be done with blood draws, hopefully. She will also have another x ray tomorrow morning to check her fluid status. She did have an echo and we are waiting for the results and hopefully will have them soon. I am nervous because the doctor said sometimes when the o2 is low it is a sign that a stitch or something is too tight and Raygen may have to go to the Cath lab to get some adjustments made. I'm a little freaked out but if this is the case I will get more and better information. The last cath Raygen had was very hard on her and caused her alot of pain so this is something I really pray she doesn't have to go through plus a cath would be another central line which is always a risk for a clot.
I will post echo results as soon as I get them.
Thank you to all for all your prayers. God is Good!