Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Echo on Thursday

So overall Raygen had a good night. She was daddy's girl and I was able to go home and spend some time with Zoie and watch her during her Christmas Pageant. Zoie was so great. She is so cute and I am so sad we had to say good bye again so soon.

As for Raygen she is doin good for the most part. For what she has been through she is amazing. We just spoke with the doctor and there is some concern with her Echo. There is an area of narrowing that may be the reason her o2 sats are so low post glenn. They would like to see then around 80 to 85 Raygen has been more 70's. They are going to repeat the echo on Thursday and based off those results decide if they need to take her to the cath lab and try to balloon the area and see if they can stretch it out. This is very nerve wracking because they will have to do this very carefully because the area they need to stretch is being held together with new stitches. As far as being home by Christmas that really depends on Thursday's echo. I have this feeling we won't be just because the look on the doctors face. Raygen's x ray showed she still had some fluid to pee off so she will also get another one tomorrow. They were unable to get any labs from her heal pokes (2 of them) today so they have paged the iv team to try again but this time I think it will be more then a heal poke :( So now we just wait. Waiting is so hard. Please keep Raygen in your prayers the next few days will be important.

Also please pray for baby Anna's family. Baby Anna passed away and my heart is aching for her family.