Sunday, December 18, 2011

From the floor

First time I got to hold her after surgery was last night.

The bottom picture is from Saturday.

Friday Afternoon

Thursday, right after surgery.

Sorry my pictures are always out of order.

First I want to say thank you to everyone who has prayed for Raygen and our family. I would love to list you all by name for all the support you have sent our way but I am scared I would leave someone out so a BIG THANK YOU. Thank you also to Sarah for updating the blog. I know Raygen has come so far but we still have a way to go. She is still in alot of discomfort and is either awake kinda fussy or mad or sleeping. We are still watching her heart rate and her higher blood pressure. The doctors are thinking that her body is just adjusting to its new "normal" and those things should get better with time. She will have an echo and ekg tomorrow to make sure her heart function is still good and I can't wait for those results. She is also still on oxygen so I am also hoping as the days go by we will be able to wean her off. I really don't want to go home on oxygen but in all honesty as long as I get to take her home I don't care what comes with us. Raygen is such a fighter. I also pray she will need no new iv's or blood draws because we don't have anymore lines. Raygen is so strong. I hope each day will get a little better and we will start to see more of our happy baby. I know she is still in pain her incisions and chest tube sights all look pretty sore and I know her neck is still sore from her stoma being closed. Please continue to pray for her and again thank you all so much. God is good.

God Bless you all!