Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tomorrow is the day

Please pray for Raygen's heart buddy Aiden today he is having his glenn.
Sweet Baby Girl.

My two girls. They are so cute.

I think she is an Elvis fan.

So today is emotional for me to say the least. I kept Zoie home so we could spend the day together. Me and my girls. I got most the packing done yesterday but still a little left to do. I am really not in the mood. Tomorrow we will be leaving around noon to head to Children's. We have to check in about 4. The plan as far as I know is that Raygen will be taken back to the operating room Friday morning around 7-7:30am to have her trach taken out and placed on the ventilator. I hope they keep her some what sedated the days following this because it is so uncomfortable to be on the vent and now she is big enough to try to pull it out. I'm so scared, sad, mad, every emotion you can feel I believe I'm feeling it today. Please keep Raygen in your prayers. Tomorrow our long awaited journey starts again and God only knows how it is going to play out. I just pray that Raygen feels the least amount of discomfort and pain as possible. I pray that Randy and I are able to comfort her and make her feel safe. I pray that the doctors know what their doing and take good care of my baby. I pray for Zoie, that she handles everything okay. You know when your a child and Christmas morning can't get here fast enough and you always wondered why your parents weren't more excited? I know why now. As a parent it comes too fast, before your ready, before you have enough money, before you have every gift bought. The same applies to Raygen's surgery. It came way too fast before I was prepared but this is Raygen's journey and I'm just blessed to be a part of it. I know she is ready and she is a survivor and a fighter. Thank you to everyone for all your love and support.