Friday, November 4, 2011

Scares and School Parties

Zoie celebrating her birthday today with her class.
Getting ready to head to the doc.

So tired.

Ready to go to the doctor.

I love this shirt.

So we had a little scare with Miss Raygen this week. Wednesday her heart rate was low while she was sleeping it was in the 90's and awake it was running low around 112 and then going back up to the 130's. Now with a heart healthy baby those heart rates would be fine, but for Raygen it could mean that her heart isn't able to push the blood to her entire body if it pumps too slow. So I called the cardiologist and said I would like her seen to make sure everything was fine. Raygen looked good and was acting fine but I needed the peace of mind of her being seen by the doctor and thank you God Raygen was fine. Her Echo and EKG were perfect! The cardiologist said heart wise she looked great and should have no problem waiting till the 23rd for surgery. What a relief we felt knowing she was still doing awesome heart wise. She is growing so big she is 18lbs. Its so good because most heart babies have a hard time gaining weight and that hasn't been an issue for Raygen. The cardiologist said she was one of the biggest babies going in for the Glenn and I know it works in her favor. She is also making progress with her airway issues. She is making more noise with her valve on and her swallowing has improved sooo much. I hope after the Glenn we can introduce baby food to her and get her eating by mouth. I think Raygen will completely skip the baby bottle stage. So now we have no other appointments till surgery. Our plan is to stay home and pray to God that Raygen stays healthy and cold free.

On another note my Zoie turns 8 on Sunday. I can't believe it. Time flies. She is such a sweet girl and such an amazing big sister. I love her so much.