Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

First Halloween as a family of 4. Raygen was not impressed.

Halloween was good. Raygen hated her costume as you can see she screamed in all her pictures, lol. Zoie could not figure out why, but I really think the hat and boots did it. Zoie went to Randy's work and handed out candy and she enjoyed herself. Raygen and I hung out at home and watched the classic Halloween cartoons and my favorite Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus.

Nothing exciting really happening this week. We have our last cardiologist appointment before surgery on Thursday. Raygen will get an echo and ekg. Zoie's birthday is Sunday so we have a busy week getting ready for that. I can't believe she will be 8.

We are just trying to enjoy our time together as much as possible as a family. I can't believe in 16 days we will be checking into the hospital. My friend Sarah told me a wonderful thing that has been a lot of help for me. She told me that God loves my children more then I do. I believe this so much and it helps lessen the fear a little. I know that God will protect and watch over Raygen because he loves her more then anything and even more then me. And that is a lot of love because I love both my girls more then life itself. So I hold onto that thought as surgery approaches and I keep the faith and I keep praying because that's all I can do.