Thursday, September 22, 2011

Doc Update

Today was filled with good and disappointing news. The good news first. Raygen's G tube is looking good. No signs of infection and for being 6 days old the docs said it looks great. He said that it would be sore for a couple months, can you believe a couple months, let just say no one told us that before we said "yes" to the g tube. I just hope in the end it was worth it. I know at some point the NG tube was going to cause problems with Raygen's sinus and other issues but still knowing that her tummy could hurt for a couple months makes me wonder if we made the right decision. We have to be extra careful moving and holding her and she can't take a bath for a couple months as well so we will have to do lots of sponge baths. I really wish we would have asked more questions. But I can't change it now so I just have to hope we did the right thing. The disappointing news is that we saw the trake or Otto doc and he said that there was no way Raygen would be able to get rid of the trake prior to the Glenn. I cried. The Otto doc said that he sees her having the trake a total of a year so at least 6 more months before we try to take it out. The trake makes the Glenn a little more difficult. I did talk to Raygen's cardio doc and they presented her on Wednesday so I should be getting a call tomorrow or next week with the date for her surgery. Raygen has been supper fussy lately and she has also lost some weight over the past few days so please pray for her. We need her at her best going into the Glenn. I'm heart sick but so very grateful tonight. Although we are going to have some struggles we have an awesome God who has brought Raygen this far and will continue to be with her and us as we head into the next stage. I am a blessed woman with a great husband and the two best daughters any one could hope for and I do feel a sense of peace knowing that God is with us and will continue to be, always.