Sunday, October 25, 2015

Raygen's week in review...

Raygen never ceases to surprise me.  I walk out of the room for two seconds and I come back to her on top of her crayon box looking out the window.  This girl is not scared of anything.
Looking beautiful for school on Monday.
Laughing with Elmo.
Hanging out at Grandma's.
Each day is such a gift.  I try not to take any of it for granted.  We have been so lucky.  Raygen continues to grow and learn and most importantly stay healthy.  I am so blessed.  I see so many other heart children, or just children in general, suffering lately that it makes me realize just how amazing my girl is.  How amazing God has been to our family and how he continues to keep Raygen close and protect her each and every day.  It is important for me to make sure my family continues to reach out to God in good times, not only the bad.  Please keep our heart friend Aiden in your prayers.  He needs some good luck and lots of good wishes and thoughts sent his way.
Next week will be busy.  It's Halloween and wait till you see Miss Raygen and Zoie's 12th Birthday is fast approaching....

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