Friday, March 1, 2013

Still Fighting...

 So our girl is still fighting her bug and doing a great job.  I was so scared thinking we would have to head to Children's the other day because she had a couple rough nights and sounded miserable.  We did take her to the doctor on Wednesday and they gave her another medicine to try.  Her ears and throat looked fine, but she defiantly had some upper airway congestion.  They also recommended we do a breathing treatment, but stated it could cause some heart rate issues so I said "No."  I wanted to go home and try the medicine and just see what happens and so far I think I made the right choice.  I know I irritated the doctor plus the nurse that wanted to take a rectal temp, lol and I said "No" to that as well. 
Zoie spent her Christmas money on the new American Girl Doll, Saige.  Now she has two.

So we have been running the humidifier during the night and that seems to be helping Raygen sleep.  Raygen is also still tolerating her feeds and hasn't run a temp since Wednesday and even then it was a low grade temp so I think we are winning the battle.  She is still some what fussy and needy and sounds junky, but she is also happy and smiling and laughing at times so I think we just need to give her time and Tylenol   Thank you to everyone that has been praying for her it is working.
I also need you to pray for another heart warrior in Seattle who's little heart is showing signs of struggling.  You can view her story at  Please pass her story along. She needs all our prayers.
I am honored to be attending the annual Jamie's Heart Foundation Dinner tomorrow night in Tacoma.  My wonderful friend Sarah will be joining me so Randy can stay home with the girls.  I'm excited to see my many heart moms and meet many more.  Please visit there website at to learn more about this wonderful charity.

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  1. I'm praying that little Raygen gets over her bug and that you guys can stay hospital free! alana (


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