Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Go away cold...

So I mentioned earlier that Raygen has been fighting a cold and yes she is still fighting it.  Last night had to be the worst.  She sounded horrible when I laid her down for bed last night.  She was so stuffed up that she had a hard time breathing laying down and kept trying to breathe through her nose which she couldn't.  She woke up a lot, neither one of us slept very well.  Raygen would try so hard to sleep but then she would cough, then gag, then cry and the whole process just went on and on.  Finally at 4am I decided we would just get up.  We watched some Sesame Street and she started to sound a little better.  Something about night time with kids, it's always worse. 
So now I'm left with the big question: When do I take her back to the doctor?  She has no fever (thank God,) she isn't throwing up and she seems to be tolerating her feeds.  She is just so congested.  She just finished a round of antibiotics last week, but I don't think they really helped anyway.  I guess my gut is telling me to try using our humidifier tonight and see if that helps.  If not then I guess we will be going to the doctor tomorrow.
Please say a prayer for my girl.  I hope she gets the much needed rest she needs tonight and that I need as well.

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