Saturday, February 23, 2013

Seattle PT

So we took Raygen to her PT evaluation in Seattle Thursday.  She is so funny and she is so cute to watch in the car. 
Now that she sits forward she seems way happier and a lot more social. 
She was chatting away the whole time. 
 She also loves to chew on her toes, lol!  The girl is flexible.
 Zoie gave her a piece of licorice that she played with for awhile, but she didn't put it in her mouth like we were hoping.

My daughter after tutor. 

So the therapist said exactly what we know.  She needs therapy.  She stated that the sooner we teach Raygen how to do things a "right" way it will be easier.  I know we need to do therapy and I know it's just another appointment I will fit into are already busy schedule because I know Raygen needs it.  Raygen is teaching herself how to do things "her way" or the "easy way" and we need to help and encourage her to do things using her right side sooner then later.  The therapist was a very nice lady and she gave me some good contact number for people that are closer to us and I will call them next week to see when we can get started. 
We also scheduled her MRI's for April 10th.  April will be a busy month for us with the MRI and all the follow up appointments that will follow it. 
I'm so excited to be going to Jamie's Heart Foundation Gala next Friday.  It's such a great charity and I can't wait to bid on some auction money and help raise money for a good cause.

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