Friday, May 26, 2017

We've been busy...

I just can't believe how time flies being Raygen's mom.  I just love looking back and seeing how far she has come.  She used to love to wear my sunglasses.
Raygen had her first trip to Build a Bear and she loved it.  The last month or so she has been watching video's of girls going to Build a Bear and so I finally decided I would take her and see what happens.  When we walked passed the store she immediately pointed in that direction and wanted to go in.  She went it and looked at all the bears and picked out the Belle Bear.  It's the cutest $60.00 bear I have ever seen, lol!  I thought for sure she would change her mind a million times before I finally just told her I was deciding for her, but no that wasn't the case at all.  Once Raygen picked her bear she was in love.  Belle travels everywhere with us the last week so I think it was a wise investment.  I can't wait to take her back again someday.

Her BFF gave her a doll house.  She loves it.  
Nothing better then a nap and I just love watching her sleep.  I can't get enough of this kid.
Wow!!  Raygen's hair has always been crazy.  I am so glad we have lost the kangaroo pump.  

I think I want to put this on a huge build board somewhere or a T-Shirt.  Just remember this next time your in Walmart or any public location and see children not behaving "Good" or "Well" they may not be the brat you think they are????