Thursday, February 23, 2017

Everything but the kitchen sink...

So every morning I have the same routine.  I get up before the family and workout for an hour which is usually 30 cardio and 30 weights.  Then it's shower and start packing for the day.  I make Raygen's blend and food prep for myself the night before to make this a smooth routine for me and it allows me a little extra time in the morning.  It takes a lot of pre-planning to make our day successful for both Raygen and I.  Raygen needs a lot to travel, more than most kids, so it is very important that I don't forget anything because it's not like Walmart sales feeding tube supplies.  I make about two trips to the car to get everything we need.

1.) Cooler with Raygen's blend
2.)Diaper bag with normal supplies: Diapers, wipes, extra clothes. 
3.) 2 I-Pad's and chargers
4.) My purse (There have been several days I've forgotten this.)
5.) Since were potty training now we have the potty that will travel. We also have a potty timer that goes off every 45 minutes right now so we don't forget to take Raygen to the potty.
6.) My IdealFit tote that has all my food for the day , Ideal protein bars and Raygen's syringes and meds, paper towels, and extra water for Raygen.
7.) This day I needed my Buzz N Bloom Coffee
8.) My IdeaFit BCAA's in my water bottle.
9.) Most day's there is usually my running bag :0)
10.) Raygen's favorite toys at the moment.  PJ Mask, Minnie, and Daisy are the winners this week.

The thought of leaving the house used to scare me.  Trying to remember to have everything was so stressful.  I would literally loose sleep going over my list making sure I had everything together.  Today it's a piece of cake.  I have a routine and I know what I need and have placed extra supplies in the car and my office.  I'm not perfect and I do forget things, but I don't panic and I don't loose sleep.  I just do what I can and being prepared is the first step.  That goes with my fitness too.  I've struggled with my weight and with food issues, but meal prepping has been a life saver.  It just goes to show you when your prepared you've set yourself for success.

My first step this year is starting Trainer Lindsey's 6 Week Body Sculpt. 

Are you in?
Sculpt by Trainer Lindsey

It's only $89.99

I printed my E-Books off yesterday and just received my confirmation email that my Mint Chocolate Protein is on it's way.  That's my favorite flavor, but there all good.  I can't wait to get started, but first I'm taking my time to prepare.  First, I need to choose my plan, pick my meals, shop, and then get started.  If you set yourself up for success then you can't fail.