Saturday, February 4, 2017

Dentist Check-Up and Cardio

So Raygen and I had a very busy week.  It started with a trip to Seattle Children's for a dental check up.  The Dentist at this point is no big deal because it is only a look and discuss.  Since Raygen has never really eaten by mouth she really doesn't have dental issues.  She still has a lot of oral aversion so a cleaning is just out of the question.  From what the dentist was able to see Raygen has no cavities!  The dentist also told me Raygen is missing two of her eye teeth (I think that is what they are called.)  Since the baby teeth are not there she said it is most likely there will be no permanent teeth either.  However, before we left Raygen was placed on the waiting list to be sedated to have her teethe cleaned and  have sealant placed on her permanent molars.  I'm not looking forward to this, but I do think it is important to keep Raygen's teeth healthy as possible.  At some point I pray it will be possible to have her teeth at least cleaned without be sedated.

Raygen and I celebrated after the dentist by going to the Disney Store.  Let's just say I would have spent the entire day with her there, happily, watching her run around and explore.  She was in "awe."  We left with a Minnie, Daisy, Belle, and Sleeping Beauty.  I would have bought the whole store for her if I could :0) 
Thursday we had a big day at the cardiologist.  Its been 6 months since her last check up so I was a little nervous.  Raygen had to have blood work, x-ray, echo and an EKG.  We were lucky the blood draw was done with one poke and the x-ray was quick.  Raygen did awesome during her echo only crying right at the beginning, but then remained calm and they were able to get a really pictures.  Usually she screams the entire time during the EKG (she hates the stickers) but this time she was such a big girl and didn't cry at all.  It was the best EKG she has ever had if you don't count when she is sedated :0)
words straight from Dr. Park's mouth.  What a relief.  I am so very grateful that Raygen has remained so healthy and strong.  We will go back in 6 months for another check up and then Dr. Park mentioned going to once a year.  I don't believe I am ready to have her heart checked only once a year, but it does show how well Raygen's heart is doing if her cardiologist brings it up.
Thank you to everyone who loves and prays for Raygen.  It is truly by the grace of God and all your prayers that Raygen is the happy, beautiful, amazing little toddler she is.


Erin & Raygen

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