Monday, January 30, 2017


I love the Time Hop app on my phone.  I love always being reminded on how far my daughter has come.  This little cutie is her future husband, Aiden.  Raygen and Aiden were born about two weeks apart.  They both are HLHS kids.  We have spent a lot time together with Aiden and his family because all their surgeries have been pretty close together.  Aiden is currently on the transplant list waiting for his new heart. 
Before Raygen was running and dancing around she started with her walker.  I can't believe how tiny she looks.  Raygen skipped crawling all together and went straight to walking.  Since Raygen had a stroke and the right side of her body is a little weaker crawling does not come easy for her.  She does crawl a little now, but this girl is a runner.   
These moments were some of the happiest of my life.  Watching my daughter conquer her battles is something that a Mommy can never get enough of.

She goes from a walker to this weekend her first ride on Tucker.  Needless to say I was not there because I'm not sure this would have happened, lol!  Zoie and Dad thought they'd try it out though.  They told me she liked it, but I'm not that sure.  She doesn't look too impressed to me. 
Her Great Grandma Bev went for the first time to Disney Land and brought Raygen back the cutest Minnie Ears.  She loves them.  She was checking out her reflection in the window at the office.  I think this girl is ready for Disney Land :0) 
I wish I knew what this girl was thinking. 

The Ipad is going good.  She is using it well, but still needs to be prompted, but uses without fuss.  I am excited to share some videos this week of her using it because we discovered she can spell mom, dad, and her name without help!!!  Raygen just leaves me speechless sometimes with how much she knows.
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