Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Start the day off right

Raygen's daily schedule is pretty strict because if I get too far behind on her feeds then the longer I have to stay up at night to make sure she reaches her hydration and calorie needs.  There is also the risk if I feed her while she is sleeping that she will wake up and then be up for hours.  Raygen will go weeks sleeping well and then fall into a cycle where she wants to sleep during the day and party all night.  I really don't enjoy those cycles because I am way too old to party all night.  I'm ready for bed at 8pm, but usually get there somewhere around 10.  
I start Raygen's day off with Miralax.  This is a very important start to her day.  With her Miralax she gets 180ml of water and her allergy medicine.  I give this to her around 6:30am that way I can feed her a bolus (food) around 10:30am.  I can usually give Raygen her morning meds without her waking up.  I try to let her sleep as long as I can before we need to load up to get Zoie to school and make it to the office so were not late for ABA. 
180ML water with Miralax, 5ML Allergy Med, 1.5ml Lasix, and 5ml Lasix
I remember when I was pregnant with Raygen the doctors always told me she wouldn't have the same amount as energy as Zoie had when she was younger.  That Raygen's heart would restrict her activity level and that she would tire very easily.  So far I have to disagree with them.  Although Raygen has been known in times of stress to make herself go to sleep she certainly has no lack of energy.  I love watching her run around at ballet. 
Our best friend Gabby brought an umbrella to dance on Tuesday and was nice enough to let Raygen play with it on the way home.  They even let us borrow it for a couple days because she became so attached to it.  So here is Raygen watching her movie in the car on the way home staying dry with her umbrella, lol!!
She is so observant.  She watches everyone.  I can't wait to know what is going on in the little mind of hers.
She knows how to take great selfies already!!
So I know Raygen starts her day with Miralax, but I start mine with IdealLean pre-workout.  I have 3 flavors right now!!!  I love them.  They give me that little boost of energy at 4am that I need to get my hour long work out in.  I haven't had a pre-workout that I didn't love.  There is Mango Pineapple, Watermelon Ice, and Blue Raspberry and more. I mix my pre-workout in my IdealFit shaker bottle with about 8-10oz of water and drink while I change into my workout clothes.  I actually wake up excited for my pre-workout, lol!
The only thing better then the pre-workout is the BCAA's.  I am in love with the current two flavors I have Apple and Blueberry Pomegranate  and I am so excited to get the new flavor Strawberry Kiwi .  I make my BCAA's when I am done with my workout.  I use my shaker bottle and mix one scoop with about 20oz of water.  I drink this while I'm getting ready for work to help with muscle recovery.  On days that I don't get a workout in I will also drink my BCAA's in the afternoon to help curb any cravings I may be having.

I have discovered that my family has become creatures of habit.  I think in our situation we have to be.  Since having Raygen we think things through and we are forced to look way into the future.  We plan our vacations early and always know where the hospitals are.  We never plan to fly or leave the States.  The thought scares me with Raygen's heart.  We plan our financial situation around the "what ifs," and we always try to make sure the car is full of gas.  You just never know when you may need to rush to Seattle.  I have found that being a creature of habit is a way for me to deal with the stress of being a Heart Mom.  You may think I get bored, but honestly I don't.  I find peace with being boring, lol! 


Erin and Raygen