Saturday, January 21, 2017

Learning the IPad and Macro's

This week has been amazing.  It's been so much fun.  Raygen's new IPad has been a learning curve for us this week, but I see so much potential.  This week we have really stuck to the basics.  We let her cruise all the buttons and hit them over and over and over so she can memorize where everything is.  There is a lot of prompting her to use it for example: When she wants her IPad: She has to tell me...
This is what it looks like when she is asking for her IPad.

When Raygen wants something to drink she has to tell me:
I want fruit punch.

I can already see her "knowing" how to use it, but sometimes I think she just doesn't want to take the time to do so.  This is a huge change for her.  We have all adapted to how Raygen communicates with us now.  She knows how to sign a little and she is very good at taking your hand and pulling you to where and what she wants.  These are all great, but I think in the long run Raygen really will be better off using her new IPad.  

It is hard for me to make her use it because I know what she wants.  Sometimes its quicker and easier for me just to make her happy, but I know that is not helping her.  So this weekend my focus is to take a lot of pictures and add more buttons and to organize them in a way I feel would best suite Raygen.  I am amazed that she has this tool that will give her a voice and I know that in time she will be chatting away.  I can already say she has asked me several times for drinks without me prompting her to use the IPad.  So I'm pretty excited.  I can't wait to record more videos and just continue to share her learning this awesome new skill.   

I had to share: I received my IdealFit tote and pre-workout Pineapple Mango. I love!!

Along with learning Raygen's new IPad this week I have been supper excited to read Trainer Lindsey's new Ultimate Guide to Macro's.  I have recently started tracking my Macro's and I wish someone would have taught me this years ago.  The one thing I realized when I started to track was that I was not eating enough to fuel my body.  I was thin, tired, and crabby. 
Now that I know how to fuel my body to reach my goals it has opened a new world for me.  I used to fear food.  I would exercise to compensate for over eating, I would live on nothing but smoothies and salads and I was miserable.  I really needed to change.  I wasn't being a good mom, a good wife and I wasn't being good to myself.  Even though I exercised and I finally fit in size 4 jeans and the number on the scale was the lowest it had ever been in my life, I wasn't happy.  So if your in a rut I highly recommend this book.  I wish I had this information years ago.  I don't have to starve or deprive myself.  I don't have to work out to the point of exhaustion or  miss out on everything because I finally know how to use real food to reach my goals.  Since counting macro's I have seen changes in my body that I had been working years to see in only a few months.  So if your interested check out this book.  It's a keeper.