Sunday, July 24, 2016


Saturday we celebrated my little cousin's 2nd Birthday!  It was a beautiful day for an outside party and Raygen loved running around.
She has fallen in love with this pink haired mermaid.  She takes her everywhere.  So she wasn't leaving her at home for this party.  Raygen and her mermaid checked the entire place out.  This girl goes 90mph non stop. 
Getting loves from her great grandma.
Raygen loves running up and down hills.  Thankfully there was one at Josee's house because that is where we spent most our time.  Raygen, Mermaid and me running up hills.  I am very grateful this girl helps me do my cardio and I don't even realize it :)

Our first week of ABA Therapy went good.  We discovered that Raygen knows all her ABC's upper and lower case, she can point to cards when asked that say "Mom," "Dad," Raygen," and "Zoie."  She is so smart.  Raygen just amazes me everyday.  I know I say that in every post, but she really does.  She knows so much more then I could have ever realized.  I think she is going to keep surprising me.