Sunday, April 24, 2016

Nero Update

Friday Raygen and I headed to Seattle Children's to see a Neurological Developmental Specialist.  It is only the first of many visits in our future.  This was basically an appointment to make an appointment, but worth it.  This way the specialist has a base line of where Raygen is.
In true Raygen form, we started the visit off with a huge puke all over the exam room.  This is something that happens when Raygen works herself up, so I'm used to it.  I don't think the doctor was though, lol!  When Raygen realized that nothing was going to happen to her she became her happy, laughing, wonderful self.
The first step in trying to figure out if there is something besides autism going on with our girl is a 45 minute clinic appointment with a few different doctors, where they play with Raygen and interact with her in a playroom setting and observe.  After the play they will meet and discuss what their thoughts are and then relay those thoughts to Randy and I.  I am very nervous, but excited for this appointment.  I really want to make Raygen's future as bright as I possibly can and knowing if there is a better method to teach her or understand her, I am all for it.  Regardless of any test result we love her just the way she is. 
Raygen also had her 5 year wellness check and is 38lbs :0)  I so glad my girl is finally putting on a little weight. 
I'd like to welcome AJ to our family.  Zoie's new best friend.  I am so excited to help make this beautiful girl's dreams come true.