Monday, March 14, 2016

ENT and the flu....

It was a very long day. Bellevue for ENT and awful traffic the whole way home. We now know Raygen has both ear tubes, but there not working. The plan is to put mineral oil in her ears a couple times a week to help break down the wax build up and see if the tubes will fall out on their own. We will go back in six months to see if the tubes have fallen out, if not we will have them removed. In the meantime if Raygen gets any ear infections we go back to ENT sooner.
Raygen starting getting sick Saturday night and still isn't feeling well today.  She is very stuffy and is having a hard time keeping her food down.  I have been just sticking with Pedialite and she seems to be able to handle it.  I was going to try food today, but since she seems worse then yesterday I don't think I will.  I hope by tomorrow she starts to improve otherwise I will be taking her to the doctor.  Please pray for her.