Sunday, November 15, 2015

What's been happening..

Here is a quick look at what Raygen's breakfast is.  She is 100 percent tube fed.  She does drink from a cup and likes to lick things, but has no desire to eat.  Someday we will get there.
Monday preschool wore this girl out.  She came back to work and had to take a nap.  Didn't even feel like hitting pause on Elmo, lol :0)
Raygen took a hard fall on a chair at school and ended up with a pretty good mark on her chin.  Slowly, but surely it's healing.
Nothing better than licking chips at Grandma's house.
She loves to line all her toys up in a row and have you count them.  She is so funny.  This is one of her favorite all time things to play.  

She is such a sweet girl.  We tried to have Christmas pictures done this weekend, but Raygen refused to smile.  I hope we got a few that will work for a Christmas card, lol!  Can't wait to share them.