Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Day Two of Preschool

So today we were off to preschool again and it was a huge....
Success.  Raygen had so much fun.  Just look at that smile.
She didn't play with any kids, but when kids got into her "space" she didn't mind it.
Raygen loved playing with her name tag today and just walking around the room.  She would glance around at the other kids playing and sometimes even stop to watch for a second or two.
Just seeing that smile makes me think she is ready for preschool, even if mommy is not.
It was a beautiful day today and Raygen really enjoyed playing outside on the playground.
So I guess my mommy heart has to admit that maybe we will have to make sure that this girl goes to preschool because she really enjoyed it.  So much so that she came home and took a nap.  She never naps ;)  So with her preschool/school schedule they have Wednesdays off so we will be back at school on Thursday.