Saturday, September 5, 2015

1st day of Preschool 2015

Raygen was looking pretty excited to check out preschool this year.
It still amazes me that she can go to preschool.  She is so smart.  Even though she doesn't talk, Raygen knows her letters and most of her colors.  I know this because we have a letter puzzle at home and she can put all the letters in the correct place.  I know she knows most of her colors because when I ask her to hand me a red ball, she does.  Lets not forget how she can work her Ipad.
Moments like this bring tears to my eyes.  Look at that beautiful, amazing girl.  She doesn't even realize how wonderful she is.
She didn't socialize with any of kids, but did watch them a little.  It makes me sad when I see the other kids playing and Raygen just sitting on the outside, but on the other hand Raygen was happy, so why be sad?
I don't know how often Raygen will go to preschool.  There were a lot of kids.  There are so many risk letting Raygen go to preschool.  Colds are not something we take lightly in our house.  I want to let her be as normal as I can, but I do not want to put her health at risk if I don't see her benefitting from it.
I'm going to go a few more times or at least till they get their system together at the school and see if Raygen will be able to learn anything educational wise.  I don't think at this point I will risk her health if I feel its more for social skills.
I don't want to hold Raygen back, but I do not feel comfortable leaving her at preschool alone, even though they said I could.  I will never leave Raygen alone till she can communicate with me and till she is potty trained.  Till then Randy, myself, and my mother will always be with her.
Raygen and her best friend Gabby.  They don't know their best friends, but they are :)
There almost playing together :0)
I still have to show you our last day in Canada.  I will this week for sure and of course more preschool updates and we also went to the GI so I will update on that appointment.
Life is going by so fast.  I wish so many times I could just hit pause and just stay in this moment for a little while and just breathe it all in.