Thursday, August 20, 2015

1 Year post Fontan

One year ago tomorrow I kissed your sweet face and handed you off to the doctors and nurses at Seattle Children's for your third open heart surgery. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I knew what to except. I knew your heart would be stopped. I knew you would be placed on bypass while the doctors worked their magic and I prayed with every fiber in my body that your heart would beat again. The moment you know your daughter's heart is on bypass is a fear that is un...explainable. Four, Five, Six hours pass and still praying, barely breathing, can't even think straight till I know I will hold you in my arms again. When I was finally able to set eyes on your sweet face I knew everything would be okay. I knew the tubes, wires, and iv's would slowly go away and each day we would love you back to health and home. You are the strongest child I have ever known and I am so very lucky to be your mother. Raygen Marie you make our lives so complete. You are so inspiring to me. You inspire me everyday. I live life because you teach me to live in the here and now with you and with your sister. I cherish every single second I have with you and pray for more. I have no idea what your future holds, but I know it holds something amazing. Because sweetheart you deserve nothing less. Just as you hear your sister and I say every night....I love you more..... :0)