Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lincoln City 2015

Raygen loved the ocean.  She gets that from me :)
It just amazes me how this girl isn't scared of anything.  She lives life to the fullest.  I love watching all her expressions when she tries new things.  The sand was an experience to witness.  At first it didn't look like she liked it, but after awhile she loved standing still long enough for her foot to sink down and then she'd pull it up real fast and repeat :0)
Her energy level is amazing.  This girl can just go and go.  She doesn't like to turn around and walk back at all.  Usually when she finally tires she just sits where she is and expects you to carry her back.  I can't help, but smile and laugh every time.
Zoie is wonderful.  She loves water of any kind.  This girl could swim all day long. 
Sisters...This picture says it all.
Raygen going for one last walk before we head home.  I can't say enough about our weekend get away.  I had so much fun and I know my girls did too.  It went by way too fast, but I certainly have memories to last me a very long time.