Friday, July 10, 2015

Cardio Checkup

Today Raygen had her cardio check up.  It's been 6 months since her last one, so to say I was nervous would be an understatement.  Not that I believed anything was wrong, but you just never know what's going on inside.  The good news is her echo and ekg looked wonderful.  Thank God.  Were not changing a thing.  She will continue to be on her four doses of diuretics and continue with her baby aspirin.  We are so very relived and grateful that Raygen continues to do so well.  We asked Dr. Park about warning signs that we should be aware of and he stated that breathing hard and loss of energy are the major signs.  This has been a constant thing we watch for.  Dr. Park stated that if things change they can change fast.  Dr. Park knowing better than anyone that there are never any guarantee's with half a heart.  We are now on the maintenance cycle of Raygen's care as long as her heart continues to do well we will see Dr. Park every 6 months and once a year have full lab work up and x-ray of her lungs.  Dr. Park stated that when Raygen is around the age of 10 we may start to monitor her liver with ultrasounds and blood work because liver cancer and liver failure is one of the side effects that come along with the Fontan. 
I have to admit I did not sleep well last night worried about Raygen's appointment today.  So tonight I will snuggle with my baby and sleep better knowing that today everything is okay.  Thank you to everyone who continues to keep Raygen in your prayers.  Everyday we have her with us is an incredible day.