Friday, May 8, 2015

Supporting Big Sis

Zoie has had to give up having Mom and Dad at her events more then any kid should.  There are times when we have to be with Raygen.  Even though we could split our time between the girls there are certain appointments that require that both Randy and I are present for.  This week Raygen was able to come with us and support Zoie during her barrel race.  Although it looks like Raygen didn't enjoy herself, she did.  She walked all over exploring and could have spent all day playing in the rocks.  She didn't pay any attention to all the horses around or people, but she wasn't scared.  Large groups used to scare Raygen, but now she has been able to over come that fear.  It's exciting being able to take Raygen to support Zoie in something that means so much to her and that she works hard for.  Zoie is an amazing big sister and daughter.  I think Raygen has a great role model.