Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow and Cough

My poor had a rough night. 

With snow on the ground and Raygen waking up with a horrible cough my Roar N' Run miles for today will have to be inside miles. Hopefully by next week our weather and my baby will feel better. There is nothing like a long run to make you feel better and knowing somehow I'm helping my daughter makes it even better.

My C.H.D fact for today or a Raygen fact is:
It is scary when Raygen gets sick or a cold. Raygen spent the first 8 months of her life with her oxygen level between 73-75%. She didn't feel great, but it worked because she was so small her body could handle it. After she had her second heart surgery she has maintained oxygen levels between 83-85%. This works for her now because of her size, but it's not ideal for activity and for development. She tires quickly and any sickness can bring her O2 down quickly which is not good. Scary actually. I monitor her heart rate and her O2 levels everyday at home with our Pulse Ox monitor we have. It is so easy and quickly lets me see how my daughter is doing and has also been a life safer on knowing when we need to rush her North. Our O2 levels are a 100% if we were in the 80's we'd be in the hospital. The goal after her 3rd surgery this summer is for her O2 to be around 95%. Raygen will never be 100 unless she receives a transplant. I like the idea of her keeping her half a heart at 95%.