Thursday, January 2, 2014

K5 learning update on Zoie...
K5learning has been a great learning tool we have used for Zoie.  I think this is something I will continue using during the summer months, when I notice that kids can slip a little.  I loved that I could just tell Zoie to go work on "K5" and she had no problem logging on by herself and working through the lessons.  I did help her when she got stuck, but then we would do the lesson again till she got it down.  I really love the idea of online learning especially for older kids.  Zoie loves working on the computer and so learning while she playing is the best of both best worlds.  I did have some issues with the program a little while ago with a lesson that didn't work but I emailed customer support and they gave me some suggestions on how to fix the lesson.  The K5 new user tour video
 is a great place to start if your interested in online learning for your child.  This is something that I plan to continue all summer long to help Zoie stay up with her classmates and maybe get a little ahead. 
Thank you K5 for letting us use your great program.