Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Look back at 2013 my prayer for 2014

I can not believe 2013 is coming to a close.  What a year our family has had.  A great year.

-Had ear tubes placed.  This Wednesday were heading to ENT at Seattle to get them checked out.  Looks like her left one is half in half out.  This makes me so nervous.  I don't want my girl to have ear issues so close to heart surgery.
-Learned to STAND all by herself.
-She can walk around tables.
-Has new braces for her feet, made just for her and a walker on the way.
-Is now on a blended food diet and no longer on night feeds.  She is also slowly learning how to eat by mouth and will drink from a bottle.  She is still super picky on what she eats and drinks, but were heading in the right direction.
-Is starting to communicate by pictures and pointing and by also just leading us to where she wants to go.  She also can tell us "no" by pushing things away, lol!
-Still loves Elmo and Toy Story.  She loves simple toys like blocks, balls, and bubbles.  She is really starting to like music and dances when she likes the song.
-Has finally started becoming a people person.  She loves Grandma Lori and especially her cousin Bailee.
-She scoots everywhere on her bottom still, but I have seen her get in the crawling position more and more.
-Her story was in our local newspaper twice this year to promote CHD Awareness.
-We cancelled her MRI, but more then likely, she will have done before her 3rd heart surgery.
-She started PT/OT each once a week.
-She went to Walmart for the fist time, lol!

-Turned 10 and had a great birthday at the Great Wolf.
-Played softball and basketball and scored her first basket.
-Had to get braces.
-Went to Bible camp for a whole week.

-Took our first week long vacation to Oregon with Raygen.  We had a great time.
-I spoke at two Seattle Children's fundraisers and one raised $26,000.00 for the hospital.
-Worked with Alyn from our local Discovery Museum and put together "Raygen's Lite Brite Wall"
-Went to the annual Mended Little Hearts Picnic and donated more then 80 medical emergency bands.
-Went to the Tacoma Rainier's Game.
-Ran in the Heart Run at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma with my Sister Traci, Michelle, and Lori.  I have also been training for the Roar N' Run in February.  I am up to 7 miles without stopping.  A personal best.
-Walked in the Make a Wish Walk.
-Randy went to Texas.
-Mom and I have donated several Medical Emergency bands sent as far away as New York.  Were still making them so email me if you would like one.

My 2014 prayer...

I pray that my daughter has a successful heart surgery and that Randy and I are able to comfort Raygen and make her feel as safe as possible through all her pokes, test, and up coming surgeries.  I pray that I am able to calm my daughters fear and help give her strength when she needs it most.  I pray that I stay calm in time of panic and trust my gut when it comes to Raygen's care.  I pray that I can overcome my fear and enjoy everyday with my baby and never let a moment pass to thank God for her each and every single day.

I pray that I am able to comfort Zoie through the upcoming year.  I pray that she finds peace when things are scary and that she always knows that she was my first baby and that I love her so very much.

I pray I give my fears to God more often then I cling to them.  I pray to breathe in and out and take every obstacle with grace and courage as it is presented to us. 

But more then anything I pray that we end 2014 just like we are saying goodbye to 2013, a family of four. 

There are so many more prayers that I could list, but it is my fear talking.  So I am going to give them to God today and cherish my wonderful family.

Thank you so very much for all your love, support and prayers this year.