Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Another Ear Infection

Even though Raygen had an ear infection on Sunday she loved watching her bubble machine.  
She could watch the bubble machine for hours.  It was about the only thing that made her happy.

Here is what Raygen's ears have looked like lately.  First it was her left ear and after two rounds of antibiotics it finally looks okay and then Sunday it was her left ear.  I feel so bad for my girl.  I have never seen this much "goo" come out of an ear.  I know it must be painful for her.  I took her to the doctor yesterday and I have been treating her with drops and Tylenol. 
Were off to Seattle's Bellevue Clinic tomorrow to see ENT.  Please say a prayer for my girl.  Hopefully we can find an easy, non invasive plan for my daughters ears.  I just want her to feel better.