Saturday, December 21, 2013

Raygen's Ear Update

Raygen on the way to the doctor yesterday to get her ears checked out again. 
She is too cute for words.  She had to wear Zoie's coat because she got hers all wet by her new habit of chewing on her sleeves. 

No nap led to out on the floor at 5ish yesterday. 
Out at 5 met that mom would get very little sleep last night.  
Dr. Polley said that Raygen still has fluid in her ear and that her ear tube looks like its trying to work its way out.  Dr Polley said that the tube is full of wax so Raygen is probably a little uncomfortable.  She said that it was not infected, but gave us medicine in case it became infected or if Raygen started to act like it was really bothering her.  Well last night I think it bothered her because we were pretty much up all last night.  I think we finally fell asleep around 3am.  We totally overslept and woke up at 9am so I have been behind on food and meds today but I think I'm finally caught up.  I hope she sleeps tonight because mom could really use it.
I am not an expert on ear tubes, but I guess they just come out on there own.  It's sad to think that Raygen is going to be uncomfortable till it comes out.  She probably feels like her ear is plugged and she will more than likely have another ear infection.  I wonder how her ears will be without the tubes?  Since she had so many infections prior, will it be that way after???
Only time will tell I guess.
I'm off to give my girl a bath and hopefully sleep......