Monday, December 23, 2013

It's Almost Christmas....

To get us in the holiday spirit Sunday the girls and I spent the whole day at home baking and watching Christmas shows.  It was the best.  Raygen loved to stay home and just play with all her toys.  She hasn't got to stay home for the whole day in awhile so we all enjoyed it very much. 
Zoie decorated huge gingerbread men while we baked our own.  We also baked pumpkin snicker-doodles (which are amazing) and regular snicker doodles.  We baked all day long.  Zoie did a wonderful job decorating them all.  Ten is such an awesome age.  She is such a great helper lately.  I am so proud of her. 
We did have to drag our butts off to work this morning, but my niece Bailee, and Raygen's new BFF was there today to help us and it made my girls extra happy.  Bailee is now our college soccer player so these times when she is home are always exciting for all of us.  Bailee is the sweetest person ever.  I am so proud to be her aunt.  I told her today she should work with kids.  They just flock to her.  Kids can always tell a persons character and Bailee is amazing.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  I can't believe it.  Time has just flew by this year.  The girls and I have another busy day baking and then were off to Randy's parents before we call it a night and wait for Santa :0)

Merry Christmas!!!