Tuesday, September 10, 2013

When Mom works I like too....

Over the past couple days Raygen has really learned to walk in her walker.  This is so exciting.  She wants to walk so bad.  I think it is so great to see her accomplish something that she works so hard toward.  I know she is walking in a walker, but isn't that how most kids start out?  Its a step in the right direction. 

 Raygen walked her way into our file room and decided to play with one of her favorite things...our safety signs.

She was so happy.  Laughing the whole time. 

She was in deep concentration, getting every card out and tossing it, lol!! 
Looks like she had fun to me.  I have to say I pick all these cards up at least a 100 times a day.  I know if they were just plain paper she wouldn't want anything to do with them, but since they are our printed safety signs, she can't help herself. 
We have a busy week next week.  3 physical therapy classes and it's finally our last week going to Kent.  I will not miss the drive, but I will miss the therapy.  Raygen also goes to the Cardio doc on Tuesday and I'm always so nervous going to those appointments.  I'm just dreading the word "cath" or "lung perfusion test" or "blood work" or who knows what might be coming into our girls future sooner then later.  I know we are also talking and preparing for the Fontan (Raygen's 3rd open heart surgery she will need.)
This Sunday my family and I are going to Make-A-Wish Walk for Washington in Seattle.  If you would like to make a donation to Mighty Max and the Mission Squad that would be wonderful or you can view my personal page.  I have $200.00 raised so far in checks so it's not showing up on my page but our team has beat our goal.  I know having a child with special needs and a serious medical condition she may have a Make a Wish trip someday so when I have an chance to help give back, while I can, I really enjoy doing so.  If you would like to come and just walk we welcome you.
Its going to be in the 80's this Sunday so bring your sunscreen.