Friday, September 13, 2013

Thank you Heart Heroes

Raygen received her "Super Hero" cape from Heart Heroes this week and we are totally in love with it.  It is such an amazing idea.  Raygen will have this her whole life and she will know she is always a  super hero to us.  This cape is so pretty.

The capes are given to children by going to the heartheroes website and click on the tab "Heart Hero Capes" and "Request a Cape" 
You can also visit their Facebook page Heart Heroes also.
Raygen will be rocking her cape this Sunday at the Make-A-Wish Washington Walk.  You still have time to donate if you wish too.  You can either donate to my team Mighty Max and the Mission Squad or my personal page Erin Due. 
I know someday this little sweet heart may have a Make-A-Wish trip so I am so excited to be able to participate in the walk and give back to a wonderful charity while I can.  Plus, it will be a great chance to spread a little CHD awareness and the cape open doors for that.   
The heart on the back with the "R" is awesome.  It sparkles and shines and I love the pink cape color.  It is so Raygen.  I think our girl will be Super Raygen for Halloween this year :0) 

The note that came with the cape reads: "Heart Hero Lorcan (I think that should say "Raygen?") -This special cape has been lovingly made especially for you to channel your super-hero powers as you navigate your life's special mission.  Know that you are in our prayers." 
You can also check out these wonderful sites as well for more great gift ideas for your Super Hero.
Thank you again so much to Heart Heroes.  We truly are grateful for the beautiful cape.
I just saw on the news that there is rain for Sunday.  I really hope it holds off.  The Make-A-Wish walk is first thing in the morning and I really don't want the weather to make it difficult to participate.  Now that summer is coming to an end our family outings are going to slow down due to the cold and flu season.  We have to keep our girl healthy so we have to start taking precautions again.  We had such a great amazing summer.  I am sad, but also excited for Fall.  I love the holidays and the changing seasons, but with changing seasons I know reality is going to kick in soon and Raygen will have to some test. 
Cardio doc on Tuesday.