Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shopping for Raygen...

So here is what my cart looked like last night at Walmart.  I bought them out of meat and most vegetables.  Can you believe this isn't even two weeks of food.  The check out lady asked me "How many babies I had?" LOL!  I said "Only, one, lol!" 
Here is one way we store baby food. 
And more on a self.  She also has Duracal powder, Karo syrup, salt, Sugar, Dry Milk, Canola Oil and Vegi Oil plus.. 
organic whole milk and coconut milk. 
We have two recipes that we switch up so Raygen has a little variety in her diet.  It's crazy how much baby food you go through on the blended diet, plus the fact she is eating 3 jars a day by mouth too.  It is totally worth it though. 
Tomorrow is our first day with two PT appointments first in Olympia then we head to Kent.  I'm a little nervous.  I hope it isn't too much for Raygen or myself.  I hope traffic is better tomorrow then it was on Friday, wish us luck.