Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Raygen's 1st Fair

We decided to take Raygen and Zoie to our local fair this year and it was such a nice day last Sunday to do so.  It was almost too hot.
Zoie and her friend Madison jumped on the trampoline and did awesome flips and did the huge swings of course.
Raygen didn't do any rides, but she did get to pet the horses. 
I think they would have liked to get a piece of her finger,lol!

Zoie took a ride.
This was Raygen's favorite thing to do at the fair.  There was a huge sand box filled with beans.  It was great.  She would have sat there all day if I would have let her.  For her first time at the fair I would say Raygen did pretty great.  I also packed bubbles with me so when we would stop for Zoie to ride a ride or if Raygen was getting frustrated I would blow bubbles and it seemed to make the day sooo much easier on all of us. 
I was so disappointed that I didn't know ahead of time that Sanctus Real was performing at our fair.  Matt, the lead singer, son Bowen also has HLHS you can follow their journey at: bowensheart.com
I would have loved to meet Matt and compare stories.  It's so nice to meet other parents of CHD children.  There is always an instant bond and understanding.  Maybe I will get a chance in the future to meet him and his wife, you never know.  I would have loved to watch the concert but by the time it started and we made our way down to the stage it was clear that all of including the girls were done and ready to go home.
Overall, a great time though!!